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At Haemetrics, we understand that modern women are busy amidst the challenges we face in the 21st century - juggling our careers, caring for our parents, and taking care of our own physical and mental wellbeing just to name a few. When we are ready to start a family, we are adding more to our plates: fertility checkups, and sometimes, fertility treatments. Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples globally, and fertility treatments such as IVF are costly, time-consuming, and emotionally and physically draining. This is why our small, dynamic, female-led team is developing a platform with the sole mission of providing women access to state-of-the-art, rapid healthcare diagnostic services.

We are developing a point-of-care device to rapidly and quantitatively measure an array of female-reproductive health-associated hormones.

For clinicians, we offer rapid, quantitative testing. The diagnostic device fits on your table and no trained technician is required to operate the device.

For patients, in addition to shorter wait times for consultation and test results, our diagnostic device helps reduce the number of visits required. Hence, it reduces the amount of stress that develops from many visits to and blood draws at the clinic.

Apart from what we do, we also strive to educate, engage and advocate for female reproductive health. We empathize with the challenges that females who are trying to conceive face, and aim to make these issues heard.

Watch this space and follow us in our journey to advance female health one point-of-care diagnosis at a time!

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